The three parts of your Wealth Navigation Plan:

The Envision

Recent financial turbulence has made investors everywhere wonder if their nest eggs would somehow weather the storm. Our Envision® process... 

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Investment Management PROCESS

The Pinkerton Wealth Management team believes four foundational investment principles can help control risk in an unpredictable world...

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Wealth Management

Managing wealth today is a lot more than financial and investment planning. Comprehensive Wealth Management integrates...

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Wealth Navigation: The Power of the Process

Managing life is getting more complex, and stressful.  You need a financial plan, an investment strategy, an estate plan, insurance and tax analysis and so much more.  Successful navigation of these complexities requires organization, planning and great guidance. Our Wealth Navigation process brings together these elements to assure you safe passage:

  • A defined, structured process to systematically address your entire wealth management voyage
  • An experienced and qualified team to help you navigate
  • The resources of Wells Fargo Advisors, one of the largest and most respected financial services firms in the country

Our bedrock belief is no one can predict the future and you should be prepared for multiple contingencies – personally and economically. Wealth Navigation involves six steps to implement three distinct processes: the Envision process, the Investment Management process, and the Comprehensive Wealth Management Modules.